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Be the Change

Do you have an event coming up?  Are you tired of being the same as everyone else.

Aloha Health and Wellness has just the thing for you.  Host your event and standout  by offering Access Bars ®, Access -Energetic Facelift™, and/or Sound Healing.

Treat your guests with mini relaxation treatments that are beyond your traditional chair massage.  In just minutes,  their brain frequency will transition from beta to theta brain waves.  Allowing them to feel instananeously refreshed and renewed.  

Treatments are fully clothed with either light touches on head, face or with singing bowls on and around the body.

Your event will be what everyone is talking about.  Click here  for more information about Access Bars®,  Access Energetic Facelift™ and Vibrational Chair Massage.

Call TODAY to schedule your EVENT!  –  201-491-6592.