All About Vee

Aloha!  I am Veronica,  a Holistic Practitioner versed in various types of Energy Healing, who suffers from L5/S1 disc herniation and spinal stenosis.  My personal battle with back pain lead me to an education in Integrative Nutrition.  This training birthed my interest of Spiritual Practices.

Shortly after graduation in May 2017, I was in a car accident and got to understand and feel first-hand how people truly suffer with anxiety, back pain, depression, nerve pain, and numbness.

Although this was NOT a joyous time in my life, I still consider it to be the most Amazing Gift from the Universe!

The accident became a huge pivotal moment in my life.  It fueled my mental shift from Corporate Businesswoman to Energy Healer.  While being out of work for almost a year, I searched for ways to heal myself beyond traditional medicine with essential oils, food, and crystals. 

Now a days my healing journey is more of a soulful one than one of pain and suffering.   I feel happier and lighter.  I am grateful that my journey allows me to utilize my experience and skillset of Access Consciousness®, Crystals, Essential Oils, Health Coaching, Shamanism and Sound Healing to care for my clients. 

Aloha Health and Wellness supports a mind, body, and soul connection.  My personal acronym for Aloha is: “A Life of Happy Adventures”.  I help people who struggle with anxiety and stress that can emotionally and physically manifest itself in the body and mind as disease (dis-ease).  I help them integrate messages from Spirit that show up during the session enabling them to feel happier, healthier, and lighter.

Certifications and Other Studies

 06/06/2023 – Crystal Shaman Reiki Level 1 Practitioner – Lori A. Andrus

 05/09/2023 – Sound Therapy Full Certification Course – Otto K. Schwarz

04/30/2023 – Shamanic Dancing – Daniela Hills

02/28/2023 – Certification in Sound Therapy & Sound Healing – Accredited- Prof. Krishna N. Sharama, Ph D.

01/15/2023 – Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training – Dan Knowlson

11/10/2022 – Advanced Crystal Master® – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

09/05/2022 – Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church

08/04/2021 – Access Facelift Facilitator

08/01/2021 – Access 3 Day Body Class

05/04/2021 – Access Facelift Practitioner

04/08/2021 – Level 1 Practitioner of Crystal Shamanism – Lori A. Andrus

02/10/2021 – Bliss Bowls™ Sound Healing Practitioner – Ann Martin

11/12/2020 – Certified Crystal Practitioner™ – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

8/17/2020 – Access Bars® Facilitator

6/28/2020 – Access Bars Practitioner

05/05/2020 – doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist

04/8/2019 – CIHC – Certified International Health Coach

05/2017 – INHC – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition

04/9/2016 – GG101x:  The Science of Happiness – UC, Berkeley


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